Nasi Tumpeng

Yellow Rice / Nasi Kuning

1. Pour 2 cup of uncooked rice into rice cooker,

2. Pour in The Paste into rice cooker

3. add 1/2(half)cup of coconut cream into rice cooker

4. add 3 1/2(half) cup of water into rice cooker

5. mix well, cook the rice following the rice cooker instruction

Ayam Goreng Kuning / Indonesian Fried chicken

Open the bag ; Heat up in air-fryer or heated oven 180 Celsius, 4-5 minutes.


fry in deep fry or shallow fry, until crispy


Orek Tempe

Mie Goreng

Perkedel (potato cake)

without open the bag

Microwave for 30 seconds on 900watts

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